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The term "technopreneur" first started to be used heavily in Singapore and Malaysia around 2000 to describe the growing number of technology entrepreneurs. Technopreneurial.com was founded in August 2000 to disseminate information about Asian technopreneurship. The site was originally created by David Burnett to make publicly available the research from his Thomas J. Watson Fellowship. The fellowship, named after the founder of IBM and awarded by the Watson Foundation, allowed David to conduct the first comprehensive research project on technology entrepreneurship in Asia.

In the course of his research, David focused on the role that technopreneurship has and will play in Asia's economic growth and development. The research focused on uncovering key strategies and the driving forces for success within the Asian startup and venture capital communities -- and their corresponding implications for economic growth and development.

Although Technopreneurial.com was originally designed to post the findings from David's research, the site evolved into a resource for Asian startups. Numerous writers contributed articles, insights, and resources to the site. Technopreneurial.com writers focused on uncovering the wisdom of Asia's brightest technopreneurs -- and providing information about all things technopreneurial.

Technopreneurial.com is no longer actively being updated, but the site continues to be hosted by 432 Ventures. We continue to receive requests for historic articles, and several of our articles are regularly cited in academic research. The most frequently linked to articles are now catalogued in the Archive. If you have any questions or are trying to track down an article that previously appeared on this site, contact David [at] technopreneurial.com.

For questions about this site, please contact david [at] technopreneurial.com.

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