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Hunting for Heffalumps

David Burnett
Founder, Technopreneurial.com
September 2000

The Entrepreneurial
The History of
Entrepreneurship Theory
& Economic Development
The Supply of
Two Case
Calling for

This article has covered the major aspects of entrepreneurship and its role in promoting economic development. In general, when the proper supply of entrepreneurship is brought into the market, a country can benefit by reaping the rewards of both economic growth and development. Unfortunately, many countries need to reform their market policies and implement entrepreneurship encouragement programs before they can increase their supplies of domestic entrepreneurship. Only after such reform will many of the world's countries (and particularly LDCs) be able to call forth the proper supply of heffalumps and use this "mysterious creature" to their benefit.

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David Burnett is the Founder of Technopreneurial.com and a Thomas J. Watson Fellow. He presently lives in Hong Kong, and his current research includes working on a book about the collected "lessons" of Asia's new breed of technopreneurs. The author can be reached via e-mail at david [at] technopreneurial.com.

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